Summary of Latino News 2012 & Happy New Year 2013 !!!!!!

2012 started off with Chucho Valdes and Buika playing Carnegie Hall , which is no small feat , then Don Francisco was inducted into the Television Hall of fame . The town of Granen Espana won a huge lottery where literally everyone in the town won a piece of the money . ABC tried to " Work It " but ended up getting the fever while Dominican crewmen aboard the Costa Concordia showed that Punk Captain how real men save the day . Yankee Great , Jorge Posada retired and said goodbye to all his fans while Cuban American , Amy Rodriguez scored 5 goals in International play for the American Soccer team . Victor Cruz and The Giants ‘d their way into the SuperBowl and even won the whole damn thing while highlighting Latinos on both teams . The SoulTrain mourned the passing of it’s chief engineer when Don Cornelius passed and Newark , New Jersey lost a homegirl when the Great Whitney left us . Joe Maturo , the Mayor of East Haven CT.showed us just how much of a racist idiot he really is while MIT got together with the great Nation of Espana to work on a car that could handle the small streets of Spain while still catering to an ever increasing populace . Two of our favorite Divas , Ricky and Nicky got all glammed up to be spokesmen against HIV while teaming up with MAC cosmetics. In February , TheBochinche celebrated Dominican Independence Day , Hispan TV was launched in the great Nation of Iran and the Great Jimmy Sabater passed on , Aahhh Toot Toot , Aaah beep beep . In the <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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