Kickboxing Legs and Buns Workout

Michelle Acree Defy Studio Fitnesss My Classes: I currently teach with the team at Xscape Fitness. Every Friday @ 9:30 am Futsal Arena – 1661 North 400 East Vineyard, Lindon UT, 84057 (Located 1 mile West Harley Davidson right off the freeway) You can also visit me on Facebook or my blog: I have found myself in Zumba® I will give you the Energy and the Motivation to get dedicated and have fun with Zumba Fitness®! It comes once the music is turned on, you just can’t help it! Come join the fun! Express yourself. No judgments. Just Zumba® 84003 In American Fork, Utah The Best Zumba® Class is Zumba® Basic 1 ("Beto" Top 10) 84004 In Alpine, Utah The Most Popular Zumba® Class is Basic 2 (4 rhythms) ("Beto" Top 10) 84042 In Lindon, Utah The Most Energetic Zumba® Class is Zumba® Toning ("Beto" Top 10) 84043 In Lehi, Utah The Most Thrilling Zumba® Class is Zumba® Aqua ("Beto" Top 10) 84057 In Orem, Utah The Most Invigorating Zumba® Class is Zumba® Gold ("Beto" Top 10) 84058 In Orem, Utah The Most Fun Zumba® Class is Zumbatomic ("Beto" Top 10) 84065 In Riverton, Utah The Most Exhilarating Zumba® Class is Sentao ("Beto" Top 10) 84097 In Orem, Utah The Most Toning Zumba® Class is Gold-Toning ("Beto" Top 10) 84601 In Provo, Utah The Most Popular Zumba® Class is Zumba® In Circuit ("Beto" Top 10) 84606 In Provo, Utah The Most Entertaining Zumba® Class is Basic 1 ("Beto <b>…</b>

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  1. Anésia says:

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